We live in a time of worldwide economic turmoil, political perplexity and moral confusion. All too often we are amazed at the things that we see in our country and in our world.  Instead, what should truly amaze us is that things are not worse. In spite of the fact that history is full of lessons, the governments of the world act contrary to their own self interests. Harvard University professor George Santayana asserted, “those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Somehow these governments believe that they can uncouple politics and economics from morality. In other words, “the system is Broken.” In fact, it is a system that is not only broken, but it is without hope.

We live in a universe that is a created ORDER and not a CHAOS. A created ORDER means that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. More specifically, there is a right way to do ethics, law, politics and economics. Until the mid 1800s these disciplines were understood to be part of a greater whole known as the social order. With the rise of positivism, these became completely separate disciplines. Because men reject this order, all that is left is chaos. Psalms 2 asks the question, “Why do the nations rage?” The answer to this question is that they rebel against the God who is a Creator and who created the oder of this world.

If people act in accordance with the created order, they are far more likely to be successful and prosperous. If, on the other hand, they act contrary to God’s created order, they are more likely to fail and end up in poverty. Last year, when the U.S. Supreme Court made gay marriage legal, they acted contrary to God’s order and purpose. In a similar manner, this week, the U.S. Supreme Court made another decision to support abortion. Both of these choices to violate morality, will affect our laws, politics and economics. Those on the left talk about the Right’s war on women, but in reality, the real problem is the Left’s war on the family. The family was established by God to be the basic building block of society. Interestingly, both Marxists and Progressives want to replace the nuclear family with the state.

Concerning our laws, Thomas Aquinas asserted that any law contrary to the natural law is no law at all. This natural law, or the law according to nature is made available to all men because God gave man the gift of reason. What has happened ever since the natural law was replaced with a legal philosophy known as Legal Realism is that our laws are arbitrary and are moving slowly away from their moral foundations. The obvious result is that our society is sailing in strange waters and will eventually run aground.

Concerning our politics, the homosexual mafia is engaged in a jihad against believers in Jesus Christ. They cannot allow disagreement on this issue. Instead they must destroy anyone who dares hold another view regarding their lifestyle. It is not surprising that the left agree with them, but too many on the right are either indifferent or they side with the gay lobby. This much can also be said of the abortion mafia who are motivated only by greed and their twisted sense of morality. All too often, those on the Right, talk a good game, but they do nothing to changes things.

Concerning our economics, it is only growing populations that achieve economic growth. Neither abortion nor homosexual marriage contribute to population growth. Hence, these policies cannot result in economic growth. Instead they will drag our economy down. If not for abortion, Social Security would be flush with cash, because most of those aborted would be contributing members of the labor system.

Somehow, all who war on the family believe that they are doing a good thing. But their war on the family is really a war on society. Even more, it is a war on the God of the CREATED ORDER and His people. This cannot result in justice and righteousness. Our only hope in this life or the next is found in Jesus Christ.