Okay, if there was any doubt before yesterday, that doubt should be all gone by now. The system is broken and if we do not act soon, it will be broken beyond all repair. When FBI Director Comey accused Hilary Clinton of acting irresponsibly but did not recommend an indictment for gross negligence, we all knew that the fix was in. There are many people, including General David Petraeus, who were indicted for far less.  I was a USAF officer who was involved in many highly classified programs and was very aware of the fact, that my intent had nothing to do with a possible conviction for failing to handle classified material appropriately. Consequently, I was very careful with what I did with classified material.

Now we have Hilary Clinton, who is so obviously guilty of these offenses that no one should be happy about it. One can in no way consider themselves objective and   fair if they approve of this state of affairs.  Let there be no doubt, that if this had been you or me, they would have to pump the sunlight for it to get to the part of the prison where we would be located. The reality is that the law is only for the “little people.” You and I can be easily prosecuted and abused in a system where, according to Harvey A. Silverglate, the average person can be targeted for three felonies a day by an abusive federal government system.

For the ruling class, justice means getting away with anything they want. This is especially true for those on the left. Proverbs 28:5 asserts that “the wicked do not understand justice.” As such, we can expect no justice in this life.  In this life, there is just us. As such, we need to vote to keep Hilary Clinton out of the presidency. If you think that things are bad now, just allow her to become president of these United States of America. There will be nothing to restrain her evil. Just her appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court will have a negative impact for years to come. If somehow she were to become president, after all of her very obvious crimes, this country would deserve  its fate.

If there was justice, Hilary Clinton would be indicted and on her way to jail. Instead, there is just us to make sure that she has gone as far as she will ever get.  If this was the only scandal that Hilary Clinton was involved in, we would still have good reasons to be upset, but we could move on. Unfortunately, this woman is long on scandals and short of actual accomplishments. On top of all of this she her political agenda is one that should frighten anyone who loves this country. It is time for the never- Trumpers to get over themselves. This country can survive Donald Trump, despite the  annoyance he might be.  The country that the founders intended will not survive a Clinton presidency. A Clinton presidency would be one without justice and righteousness.