With the Gospel comes life, liberty, and relative happiness. Not surprisingly, with bad theology and with atheism, as well, comes death, slavery and misery. In a world as fallen as this one, there is no perfect answer, but as Winston Churchill was known for saying “Democracy is the worst of all possible forms of government, except for all of the others.” While all of the founders of the U.S Constitution may not have been Christians, they all knew that all men are equal, because we are all made after the image of God. They also believed that all men have rights that government should not violate because these rights come from God and not government. “Government” said George Washington, “is like fire, a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” Historian H.W. Brands asserts that the U.S. has been guided by two documents; the U.S. Constitution and Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations. To this, a third might be offered, the Bible.

Marxism is based on atheism and believes that the state is all that matters. It is only the state that has rights and only the state that determines morality. Marxism, in all of its forms (socialism, fascism and communism) believes that the solution for all problems is a strong centralized state governmental system. Marxism despises free markets because it holds to the idea that it can do a better job of distributing scarce resources for all (there is no historical evidence of any government doing this). As such, the individual has the right to work and not much else.  A constitution such as ours stands in direct conflict to a marxist worldview.

According to Thomas C. Leonard, who wrote Illiberal Reformers (a truly excellent book), Progressives got their start with a large number of Social Gospel ministers from the northeastern part of the U.S.. Most of their theology was aberrant and they believed that they could bring in the Kingdom of God through human effort. To achieve this goal, the progressives believed in a need for a strong centralized government. They believed that liberty leads to anarchy and disorder. Consequently they hated both the U.S. Constitution and free markets. They sought to get around these problems through the creation of the fourth branch of government, the administrative state.

Strangely, both of theses Leftist ideologies can only exist in countries that have obtained a certain amount of education and wealth obtained in a free society with  free markets.  In other words, these are parasite ideologies that could not exist in any country with some degree of wealth.  Generally, these parasitic ideas are adopted by young rebels, who refuse to learn from tradition or history.  They have their a twisted view of morality, in which the end justifies the means.

A quote that has been attributed to Soren Kirkegaard (I cannot find it) “Everything that passes for politics today, will be unmasked as religion tomorrow.” Both progressives and marxists want to live out their theologies/ worldviews.  Both want to bring Heaven to earth, but historically they have only raised up Hell.  The Left is composed of both of these lines of thought. Unfortunately, the leadership of the Democratic Party has fully embraced these deadly ideas. While Marxism and progressivism start from a different set of presuppositions (atheism and aberrant theology), they both end up in the same place.  This suggests that those who hold to these ideas have a spiritual problem that motivates them to see the world through a very distorted lens.

What is clear is that to the degree that a society is influenced by the Bible, the more happy and prosperous it is likely to be. Most of those on the Left reject the Bible and as a result reject both the U.S. Constitution and the free market. This is not to say that either of these is perfect. We should always remember that we live in a fallen world. We should also keep in mind that the best that this fallen world can offer is still pretty messed up. Nonetheless, the Bible points the way to wisdom and to the best state of affairs. Both the U.S. Constitution and the free market are in line with the best state of affairs.

The end of the matter is this, a Leftist ideology cannot bring about salvation. It should also be noted, that while having a conservative ideology is a good thing, it cannot bring about salvation either. It can only bring about the best state of affairs in a fallen world. Whether Left or Right all need salvation in Jesus Christ.  No other way can bring about justice and righteousness.