People often suppose that if you are black and an academic that you will frequently write about race. I have not chosen to do this because, I am a Human Racist. Since all men are made after the image of God, I cannot subscribe to black or any other kind of racism.  As a human racist, I will justifiably be accused of speciesism by various animal rights groups. For this, I am guilty, as charged, because I believe that God made man unique among his creations. Consequently, only human beings have rights. Failure to recognize the rights and special status of all human beings is the result of sinfulness. Black racists, white racists, or any other kind of dividers should repent of their sinfulness. Let there be no doubt, “ALL LIVES MATTER!”  If one claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ, he can hold no other position.

Some, like the progressives were quick to bring in science to support their views of race. The problem is that the Human Genome Project showed that there is no genetic component of race. Nonetheless, it is beyond dispute that different ethnic groups have different health problems. DNA can tell you about eye color, but not if one is black or white or asian.  DNA also tells us that all men, regardless of coloring belong to the human race. Regardless of whether or not race is a scientific reality, it is definitely a social reality. One of  the biggest lies in America is that one has to be white to be racist. While there clearly  are a small number of white racists, not all white people are racists. In my experience,  there are some black people who are far more racist than most white people. This is no doubt true among some in other groups.

Today, no rational person wants to be called a racist. To be called a racist is a smear that is very difficult to wash off. As such, everyone needs to be very careful before they accuse someone else of being a racist. To be sure, there are some extremists who wear this accusation as a badge of honor. Needless to say, something is very wrong with these people. Their problems cannot be solved by arguments and violence. The problems of these racists can only be solved by the love of Christ.

Sadly,  I know that darker skinned blacks were looked down upon by some blacks with lighter colored skin. With the realization that even within an ethnic group that there can be a type of racism, I soon came to the conclusion that racism outside of one’s race is a logical affliction in this sin sick world. Racism, like all sin is universal and no group is free from it. As such, we have no hope of seeing racism eradicated before Christ returns.

There are some today who attempt to make  the rejection of the LGBT community equivalent with racism. Whatever race is, it is not a behavior.  Especially a sinful one. To equate those who choose to act in a sinful way with those who have different ethnic features is ridiculous. It is also demeaning to the black and Hispanic civil rights activists who had to struggle for their basic rights.  It is also a rejection of the worldview set forth in the Scriptures.

The issue is perhaps best summed up by Reinhold Neibuhr, who wrote the book, Moral Man, Immoral Society.   According to Niebuhr, “Morality is for individuals. If individuals ocassionally overcome their inevitable egotism in acts of compassion or love, there was no evidence that human groups ever overcame the power of self- interest and collective egotism that sustained their existence.”  In another section, Niebuhr wrote: “As individuals, men believe that they ought to love and serve each other and establish justice between each other. As racial, economic and national groups they take for themselves, whatever their power can command.”  Niebuhr, goes on to say, “All social co- operation on a larger scale than a most intimate social group requires a measure of coercion.” This coercion is made obvious through the voting process. So Niebuhr writes:”The majority has its way, not because the minority believes that the majority is right, but because the votes of the majority are a symbol of its social strength.” In other words, we need to be careful of what groups we attach ourselves to. It is too easy to convince ourselves that might makes right.

 After every race tinged incident, like the shootings in Louisana, Minnesota and Dallas, there is some person saying that we need to have a “conversation.” Okay, let’s wake up! No amount of “conversation” is going to rectifiy the problems of racism. We all need to repent of our sins, and decide that as far as it depends upon you, that there will be no racism. We cannot count on any group to get it right.  We, as individuals can only count on ourselves, empowered by the love of Christ to do the right thing. Consequently, the only group that we can count on is the Church of Jesus Christ, when it is being obedient to the dictates of Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ is the only kingdom that is based on justice and righteousness.