Richard Land  (former president of the SBC ERLC) told me a story about when he first came to Washington D.C. . He was told that there were two political parties and that one was evil and  the other was stupid. When I tell people that story, most people laugh. What is amazing is that everyone already knows which party is evil and which party is stupid. It is so obvious that is does not even need to explain that the Democratic Party is evil and the Republican Party is stupid.  While there is no mystery about which party is which, it is a mystery why each party continues to be as it is.

I have referred to the Democratic Party as the Go to Hell Party (GHP for short) because they are for abortion, homosexuality, socialism, and general immorality. This is the party that that supported slavery, Jim Crow laws, the Ku Klux Klan, and voted God off the party platform in 2012 (three times). While they voted God on the party platform this year, they still have gone out of their way to remove God everywhere else.  They are the ones who are quick to sacrifice religious liberty on the altar of the LGBTQ community. These are the ones who are striving to destroy Christian schools, businesses and churches. The DNC (or GHP) is also willing to sacrifice our individual rights on the altar of big government. The DNC (or GHP) realize that it is conservative Christianity that is the biggest force preventing them from obtaining the utopian dream. In reality; however, their dream is a nightmare. To accomplish their goal of complete and total equality, they would gladly destroy the United States of America. Perhaps they are not only evil, they might be crazy as well. Bernie Sanders could not secure the nomination against Hilary Clinton because he is merely the Diet Coke of evil (just one calorie, not evil enough).

I have referred to the Republican Party as the Good for Nothing Party (GNP) because they only thing that they will actually stand for is business.  Republican politicians will generally claim to be conservative, because most of their voters are. Unfortunately, Republican politicians are all over the map. They are liberal, moderate, libertarian, neo-  conservative, and a very few are actually conservative.  All too often, a politician is a Republican only because he is not a Democrat, not because he has any essential beliefs. Not surprisingly, we cannot count on them to vote for our interests. They want to be friends with the Democratic politicians, even though, the Democrats always take advantage of them. Senators McCain, Graham and McConnell as well as the speaker of the House cannot help themselves when they decry some pecadillo said by Donald Trump (a sin no Democrat would ever make for someone in their own party). With the same fervency, they shut down every attempt at moving the country in a more conservative direction. Nonetheless, all Republicans love America and want religious liberty, economic prosperity, and a strong national defense. Unfortunately, they are not willing to fight for anything (unless it is against a conservative Republican). The Republican leadership truly are stupid and out of touch with their constituency. Republican voters find themselves in the unfortunate position of voting for the opposition party that is not.

One group that is even worse than these two political parties are the voters. Over 60% of Democratic voters think that Hilary Clinton should continue her run for president even if she is indicted for something (and there are plenty of somethings).  Her supporters are quick to point out  that Hilary has quite a bit of experience but somehow, they neglect the fact that almost all of this experience shows her complete and utter incompetence. Her supporters can point to no real accomplishments, but her critics can easily point to all of her failures. It should be obvious to the most casual observer that she is an empty suit, an queen that has no clothes. Hilary is frequently in error on policy issues, but she is never in doubt. What part of her experience that does not show incompetence shows her outright corruption. She is for all of the bad things that the DNC wants in general, plus she wants to finish the fundamental transformation of American society that President barack Obama began. The fact that any sane person would vote for her shows that something must be wrong with them.

Republican voters were rational to vote for an outsider, like Trump. The problem was that they got Trump. He is crass and crude and a serial adulterer. But he is also competent, confident, and actually loves the country. He is willing to think outside of the box and consequently has changed the debate on illegal immigration, Islamic terrorism, and even trade.  He is sometimes wrong on policy issues, but he is constantly improving and gathering the right kind of people  around him. All in all, despite his occasional lack of focus, there are plenty of good reasons to vote for him.

Republican voters are funny, they are smart enough to realize that the left is dangerous and that they keep getting worse candidates. Amazingly, Republican voters are too stupid to act in their own best interests. Some Republicans are so locked into the RNC establishment that they cannot bear the idea that an outsider has gotten the nomination. They argue that Trump is not a conservative, as if  Teddy Roosevelt, Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, or either of the Bushes were. They were merely more conservative than Democrats.

Then there is a group of whiners, called Never Trumpers. They  include the likes of Bill Kristol, and George Will. Just yesterday, 50 top Republican officials are now warning that Trump is a threat to national security.  If this is not enough, some of these will vote for Hilary Clinton, because they believe that she is better qualified, despite her lack of accomplishments, open contempt for military people, and her utter disregard for classified material. These Never Trumpers believe that they are the gatekeepers, but in reality they are little more than legends in their own minds. To them, I say “DO NOT COME BACK! WE DO NOT NEED YOUR ‘HELP (such as it is)!'” All  too often, the problems we now face are caused by these people.

Then there are those who, under normal circumstances would vote for a Republican, but given the current set of candidates will not vote at all.  They generally give an argument like, “I cannot endorse people of such character.” To be sure, every Republican president has been a man of character. Nonetheless, some have been divorced (Reagan), most were not Christian (perhaps only George W. Bush), many both drank alcohol and smoked (Trump does neither). Many of the Democrats on the other hand are severely character challenged. Take for example FDR (a serial adulterer who died at the house of  his girlfriend), or JFK (serial adulterer), LBJ (serial adulterer), Jimmy Carter (anti-semite), and Bill Clinton (serial adulterer/ rapist). We all suspect that the other shoe has not dropped yet on Barack Hussein Obama (there are rumors of a number of different things).  To say that Hilary Clinton is character challenged is to grossly understate the problem. She makes Richard Nixon look like a paragon of virtue.

The problem with the character argument is that I know of no one who is endorsing Trump’s character.  If people are endorsing anything, it is that Trump will do a better job for America than Clinton. I am a firm believer that the average person on the street can do a better job than Hilary Clinton, because she is evil. In the end, we can survive the occasional stupidity of Trump, but we will not survive the unrelenting evil of Hilary Clinton. With her, our future will be similar to Venezuela. To be sure, neither will bring in a kingdom of justice and righteousness.  Nonetheless, we still have a duty as citizens of the United States and as Christians to choose wisely. Edmund Burke argued that “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”