As one reads through the Old Testament, he will find over and over again, that Yahweh’s servants are engaged in the affairs of kings and kingdoms. Whether it is Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Elijah the prophets etc. they all advised, warned, deposed, installed kings and kingdoms. In the New Testament Jesus, and John the Baptist challenged the Jewish religious leaders.  Paul preached to rulers and asserted that all believers should pray for those in positions of authority. They wanted justice and righteousness, but they knew that things would not be perfect until Christ returns. What I find interesting today is that so many of my seminary-trained friends are advising people to not vote in this election. At the same time, my military friends mostly intend to vote for Trump.

Most of my seminary-trained friends don’t understand why Trump got so much of the Evangelical vote. For them, his character is so bad that they cannot be affiliated with him in any way.  They argue that Trump is just as bad as Hilary Clinton, so they tell people “Don’t vote!” In other words, you are not morally culpable if you do not vote. But aren’t you morally culpable if you do not? It may well be that we have traded a sin of commission with a sin of omission. Either way, there will be consequences, so shouldn’t we try to minimize the bad (Luke 16: 1-9)? Nonetheless, these religious leaders go on to quote Spurgeon, “When forced to choose between two evils, choose neither!” But, a problem is that these two “evils” are not equal.  If one has to choose between the flu and cancer, he would be foolish not to choose the flu. Both can kill you, but in all likelihood, it is cancer that one should worry about. It appears that my seminary-trained friends cannot discern the difference between a political flu and a political cancer.

Hilary Clinton represents the final stages of a slow growing cancer that has intended to destroy the United States of America since the 1880s. Both Progressivism and Marxism have desired to destroy the U.S. Constitution and the free market system. They want to replace both with a large central government that will achieve the common good by taking away our individual rights. To be more specific, they want to get rid of the freedom of speech (like disagreeing on climate change), they want to replace religious liberty with freedom of worship (which is just another Marxist control scheme), and they want to get rid of the right to bear arms.  For these people, freedom equals anarchy. They think that we all need to be made equal at any price. This is especially true if you and I are the ones who must pay that price.

For the Marxists/Progressives, all that matters is power and control. They make new laws and regulations to control you and me. The result is increased poverty and misery for us, while they enrich themselves. They believe that this is fair and right because they are better than you or I (the little people). They are platonic philosopher/kings who know what is good and best for everyone else. Consequently, they bend and break the law as needed to serve their purposes. The media, education, labor unions, the abortion industry, government employees, and many others support them because they share the same goals. In other words, it is not a level playing field. Because Republican politicians want to be seen as bi-partisan and cooperative, they will go along with almost anything the democratic politicians want. The more conservative part of the Republican politicians will not go to the extremes of their counterparts in the Democratic Party to accomplish their goals, so the country veers ever leftward to its destruction.

Consequently, Hilary Clinton has done far worse than anything that Richard Nixon ever hoped to do by erasing 33,000 e-mail messages that were subpoena by the House Oversight Committee, or the FBI. The number of mysterious deaths that are somehow connected to the Clintons is now at 50 (1) . Last Thursday it came out that three different FBI field units requested a public corruption investigation for the Clinton Foundation, all of which were denied by the Obama administration (2). This woman was dishonest during the Watergate investigation (3), she protected rapists  (4) (including her husband), and she sold 20% U.S. deposits of uranium to the Russians (5). All of the while the Clintons went from being broke when they left the White House to being worth over 100 million dollars. One should not have to mention the problems with the Benghazi, Rose Law Firm (7), Travelgate (8), Whitewater (9), and a host of other scandals.  She has lied so many times, on so many things and even worse, she is terrible at it. Friends, when there is this much smoke, there is fire.

Hilary Clinton is involved in so many bad things that it is difficult to keep track of them all. Hilary Clinton is the poster child for corrupt politicians. Hillary, Bill and Chelsea have been referred to as the “Clinton Crime Family,” because like most organized crime families everyone knows what is difficult to prove in a court of law. They lie, deny, and attack anyone who tells the truth. The Clintons are above the law, like John Gotti, they are “Teflon dons.” Just as the media loves gangsters, they also love the “Clinton Crime Family.” Donald Trump is right to call her, “Crooked Hillary!”

When Bill Clinton ran for president the first time, Hillary Clinton told the voters that voting for the Clintons was like K Mart’s blue light special, because you get two for the price of one. Now we have the opportunity to get this “deal (such as it is)” again. If we were to list Bill Clinton’s crimes against America, you would be exhausted from reading this post.  It should suffice to say that his high crimes and misdemeanors were of the sort that resulted in his impeachment by the House of Representatives and his being disbarred. In contrast, what has Donald Trump done? He has committed adultery, divorced and remarried a few times (but he has never taken advantage of women). He has said mean things and been a jerk. He has been a very hard- nosed, tough, businessman.  He has sometimes engaged in unscrupulous business practices (or what appears to be unscrupulous), but he is not a criminal or someone who engages in treasonous activities for profit. He is a shameless self- promoter who is not a Christian. Finally, he is not a conservative.

I supported Ted Cruz, for president. I voted for him, gave money to his campaign, and prayed for him. Nonetheless, Ted Cruz did not get the nomination. I find it strange that I am defending Donald Trump, but the thought of the alternative keeps me up at night. Frankly, I don’t understand why it doesn’t scare everyone else. Our type of government is a delicate thing. It was designed for a moral, God-fearing people. Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Party will take us down a road from which he might not be able to return.  In the worst case scenario, Donald Trump will at least buy this country time until the next big attack of the atheistic immoral, leftist hordes of self- destruction.  This choice should not even be close.

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