Kevin D. Kennedy, Ph.D.

Social and political unrest is sweeping the country. One cannot turn on the evening news without seeing furious students shout down their opponents on university campuses or angry activists interrupting public meetings and congressional hearings. Just what are these people mad about? Just who are these angry people?

Others in our society and in our churches fail to see what all the fuss is about? They live their lives, go to work, and rear their children. They pay their taxes and even pay tuition to the same universities that allow the above-mentioned radicals to attack the very morality and convictions that they have tried to instill in their children. This group is not so much angry as bewildered.

The angry hordes claim that the second group mentioned above is the root of the problems in our society. Their easy lives, the radicals claim, allow them to remain comfortable in their entrenched racist, sexist, homophobic, and capitalistic world of delusion.

To say that there is an ideological divide in our nation is an understatement.

The discerning Christian might ask just what is the root of this divide and what is driving the angry hordes to such public displays of vitriol and, as is too often the case, violence. Frankly, there is a movement afoot that seeks to undermine all elements of traditional Christian teaching as well as the positive elements of Western society. This movement is self-identified as the “Social Justice” movement.

Christians, above all people, should be interested in Justice. However, that justice must be grounded in Scripture. While the Scriptures are replete with calls for justice, the contemporary Social Justice movement actually rejects the biblical concept of justice. God is no respecter of persons (Rom. 2:11), but the Social Justice warriors see everything through the lenses of class, gender (or “sex”), race, and sexual orientation, just to name a few. The biblical concept of justice is based upon equity. However, the Social Justice warriors call for special treatment of special classes, which is contrary to the biblical concept of equity. The Social justice movement is anything but biblical in both its assumptions as well as its goals.

The assumptions of the social Justice movement are an outgrowth of what has been termed “Cultural Marxism.” While traditional economic Marxism predicted an inevitable class war between the owners of the means of production (the Capitalists) and workers (the Proletariat), Cultural Marxism seeks to inflame the same sort of warfare between various cultural elements: men versus women; people of color versus whites; LGBTQ persons versus straight persons; environmentalists versus polluters—the list goes on. Such an analysis of culture is rooted in an endorsement of violence and a rejection of the biblical concept that there is only one race—the human race, all members of which are created in the image of God. On these bases alone, there is good biblical warrant for rejecting the Social Justice movement.

When the Christian considers the goals of the Social Justice movement, the case against this movement is even clearer. The social justice movement seeks to overturn the Christian worldview, (the biblical vision of God, humanity, the world, and society), and replace it with a Marxist-derived vision of utopia. Just as Karl Marx wrote of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat that would serve as the bridge leading to a communist utopia, the Social Justice warriors look to an all-powerful government as the punisher of all those who would disagree with their particular vision of a just society. Because the Social Justice warriors’ vision of justice is so diametrically opposed to the biblical concept of justice, both Christian theology and Christian morality are viewed as the greatest threats to their utopian vision and therefore must be opposed at every point.

This is why we need EPEC and why we need it now!

Unless there are strong, articulate, Christian voices to oppose the anti-Christian, Marxist voices of the Social Justice warriors, then the biblical concept of justice will be endangered. Christian churches and organizations will likely face prosecution or loss of tax-exempt status for opposing current cultural trends unless there are powerful voices that can counter those of the Social Justice warriors. Christian young men and women will continue to be shouted down on college campuses unless the voices of opposition speak louder and more clearly.

The Ethics and Political Economy Center was created to be just that voice. All of our fellows have Doctorate degrees in Ethics, Theology, Bible, Philosophy, or related fields. We are all active members of Evangelical Churches devoted to the spread of the gospel and making disciples.

In order to be the strong, Christian voice that opposes the cultural Marxists of the contemporary Social Justice movement, the Ethics and Political Economy Center needs your Help. While all of our fellows are volunteers, we still need your support in order to host regular conferences that will address challenges facing the Evangelical Church. We also need your support in order maintain our website and to attend conferences where we will be able to expand the influence of EPEC. We therefore ask you to give generously to our cause.

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