The political victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez secured a voice for The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). This movement was energized by the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Ocasio-Cortez ran unopposed and secured her seat as a member of Congress. She is not only a voice for the DSA but also symbolizes the leftist movement within the Democratic Party.

DSA Candidate Update

Rashida Tlaib also ran unopposed in Michigan’s Thirteenth district. Her victory is significant for several reasons. First, she is the first Muslim woman to serve in the House of Representatives on the national level. Second, she also represents the DSA movement within the Democratic Party. Again, both Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib serve at the national level of political life in America.

At the state level the DSA can boast of victories from city hall officials to state Senator. The most notable wins were in Maine with Mike Sylvester; in Maryland with Gabriel Acevero and Vaughn Stewart; New York with Julia Salazar; and Pennsylvania with Summer Lee, Sarah Innamorato, and Elizabeth Fiedler.  These candidates opposed corporate backed Democrats and Republicans.

The Democratic Socialists of America officially endorsed twelve candidates in national elections. Each candidate won their political race. The DSA also endorsed thirty candidates in state elections. These candidates also won their chosen elections with the support of the Justice Democrats.

Justice Democrats

The Justice Democrats are a leftist organization that wants to change the Democratic Party to a more socialist agenda which is in harmony with the Democratic Socialists of America.  They are a Political Action Committee (PAC) that was organized in January 2017 by Cenk Uygur and Kyle Kulinski. Both of these men were not only political activists in Bernie Sanders’ former presidential campaign, but they host syndicated talk shows. Uygur’s broadcast is, The Young Turks, while Kulinski hosts Secular Talk(both men have appeared on MSNBC). It must be noted that Uygur and Kulinski are no longer affiliated with Justice Democrats.

The goal of the Justice Democrats is to replace Democrat politicians who have corporate funding. They are trying to implement a socialism that is governed by inexperienced non-politicians. Recently, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted her support of the Justice Democratic movement.

Senate Elections

The House of Representatives did move back to slim Democrat control. However, the Senate maintained its Republican majority. The revealing issue about the Senate elections is that not one Democratic Socialist won an election within the Senate. The drama of the American political scene will be in the House of Representatives. That could mean that a proverbial “show down” could result (depending on the issue) between the House and Senate. If the House and Senate are to avoid such a scenario, wise political statesmen must be bi-partisan so that workable solutions can be achieved. However, the bi-partisan approach must truly seek to appease both parties and not simply be a one sided political compromise.

Midterm Election Impact

It remains to be seen if the DSA politicians can impact national, state, and local government. At this point their victories do not constitute a political revolution, however, if momentum keeps building that could happen during the course of the next two to four years. No doubt the Democratic Socialists of America will continue to work with the Justice Democrats to challenge incumbent Democrats and Republicans in order to achieve their socialist agenda.


The Christian must realize that there are political currents that are trying to undermine democracy. It is true that America has certain socialistic aspects currently in place within society (Social Security [which is redistribution of wealth on a minor scale], Department of Housing and Urban Development [HUD], Department of Education, etc.) yet these institutions do exist for the benefit of American society (they need reform but not elimination). The goal of the Christian is to redeem society so the Lord will be honored.

During this time of American Life two Scriptural principles are noteworthy. One, the Book of Esther is a reminder that Christians are called into service for a time such as this (Esther 4:14). The application is that God may allow elected Christian officials to be an instrument of redemption to American democracy. Second, the prophet Jeremiah informed Israel that in their forced journey into Babylonian society (Jeremiah 29) they were to seek the welfare of pagan cities (Jeremiah 29:5). These biblical principles could be a guide to American Christians to engage in political life.