As we saw in my last post, Christians, called both “sons of light” and “sons of God,” are citizens of the Kingdom of God. However the rest of humanity—who remain in, and act upon, their sin nature—are enemies of God, being referred to as children of their father the devil,[1] “sons of the evil one,”[2] and “sons of disobedience.”[3]

Sons of Disobedience and Sin

Because of Adam’s sin, all humans are born as slaves to sin,[4] and are unknowingly under the dominion of darkness—being blinded and influenced by Satan and oppressed by fallen angelic powers who rule over the nations (see my previous posts).[5] These sons of disobedience have become darkened in their understanding—with depraved minds and hardened in their hearts.[6] People vary in the degree of their depravity (some act better and some worse). Some may even do selfless and noble works.[7] However none truly love their fellow man,[8] nor do they practice righteousness, but instead all practice sin by disregarding and disobeying (i.e. rebelling against) God’s Word.[9]

Despite mankind’s state of rebellion—and because of God’s love for the world—Jesus Christ came in the flesh into this Domain of Darkness preaching the Kingdom of God[10] to seek and to save lost humanity.[11] Those who repent of their ways and believe in Christ are transferred from the governance of the enemy and his angelic powers to the governance of God in Christ (ie they enter the Kingdom of God).[12] All those who reject Christ’s offer of salvation from sin and deliverance into eternal life, affirm themselves as His enemies—remaining outside of His kingdom and destined for destruction.[13]

Sons of Disobedience and Earthly Powers

Everyone develops their own worldview for organizing information, interpreting the world around them, and for interacting with others. Culture, family, religion, education, economics, and governmental laws all influence worldview. Standards of morality are basically the same across cultures, but may differ slightly. While not a few sons of disobedience commit crimes and rebel against their earthly authorities, many act in a manner consistent with their culture, laws, and government. These may do good deeds, exhibit love and compassion for their families and fellow man, etc.[14] However, the sad thing is that they are blinded as to the real nature of the world (as presented in the Bible and summarized in this series) and they even disguise themselves as servants of righteousness (following the manner of their father Satan who disguises himself as an angel of light).[15] Even if they strive to do good, and are obedient to earthly powers and authorities, their “good acts” are actually only “rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic” and—according to the biblical standard of righteousness found only in Christ—these will never be enough to save them.

Sons of Disobedience and the Kingdom of God

Christians bear the aroma of Christ.[16] To the sons of disobedience, this is like the sickly-sweet smell of flowers at a funeral home—reminding them of death.[17] To them the cross is a sign of a foolish death, but to believers it is the vibrantly fragrant power of God for salvation.[18] Their authority, Satan, is rebellious and desires to usurp God’s place in heaven.[19] Therefore Satan and his angelic followers hate God the Father, hate Christ the Son, hate the Holy Spirit—and hate Christians too[20] because we are not of this world but are citizens of the Kingdom of God.[21]These powers influence the sons of disobedience to hate God’s people as well.[22] This is why the people of the world have persecuted both Jews and Christians over the centuries and why the nations of the world consistently condemn the nation of Israel in the United Nations. This hatred is also behind why liberal progressives reject our biblically-based morality and wallow in the evil of legalizing abortion and infanticide. More and more, they demand that we embrace their LGBTQ, Marxist-Socialist, Intersectional, and Social Justice views or be crushed—labeling us as misogynistic, homophobic, haters, bigots, and racists. They despise Christians as their enemy both for serving Christ and for speaking biblical truth to them. However despite their hatred and intolerance, out of our love for Christ and our love for the sons of disobedience, we will not cease to speak the truth of God to them—that some might turn to Christ and be delivered out of the realm of darkness and into God’s kingdom.

Sons of Disobedience and the Fulfillment of the Kingdom

Sadly, the sons of disobedience are destined for an eternal judgment of Hell fire which was designed not for mankind, but for fallen angels.[23] When Jesus Christ returns to claim His kingdom, the remaining “sons of disobedience” will be cast into Hell.[24] Jesus spoke about this in His “parable of the wheat and tares.”[25] Humanity, “the sons of the evil one,” are the thorny tares who have been sown in the field of the world by Satan. However, judgment upon them has been delayed until all the wheat (“sons of the kingdom”) among them have all grown up and come to fruition.

Sons of Disobedience Will bow to Christ

Upon His return to reign on earth, Christ’s enemies will submit to Him, and reluctantly confess that He is Lord, bowing to Him in judgment.[26]

Now is the time to turn from sin, confess faith in Christ and serve Him—thus receiving His atonement, being freed from slavery to sin, and entering His kingdom. Any delay is to deny Christ, which leaves one spiritually blind, enslaved to sin, subject to the powers of this world—and standing on the shoreline in the path of the coming tsunami of the just wrath of God against sin and rebellion.[27]

This is how non-Christians fit into God’s Biblical Framework for Governance of the Created order. Coming next, where to find God’s standards for life— The Bible: God’s Authority Revealed.

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